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In 1870, Patrick Lowney heads west.

Random Pics

A Clown standing over Lowney Bon Bons Mansfield, MA Lowney Chocolate Factory
Lowney Chocolate Factory in Mansfield, MA c. 1903
This building is still there! It's now Merckens Chocolate Co 508-339-8921 150 Oakland St Mansfield MA 02048
This is thanks to knowledgeable Lou at www.Mansfield, MA.com

(Empty) box of Lowney Chocolates showing the Lowney building at the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition (Fair) Another Lowney ad ... were Lowneys that short?
Tempting Lowney Dutch Lowney or just Dutch Chocolate...?
Plastic Cherry Blossom Ruler Yet another Lowney ad
Flappers ate chocolates, too- or at least sold them back of the flapper box
another ad- a drawing of a can of chocolate powder OH! Lowney owned Oh Henry before O'Hershey's bought o'both...o...BINGO!
Cric Croc? OK... mmm... crispy